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Upgraded Mazda Axela On Sale in Japan

-Improved product appeal of new grades based on customers' desire for enhanced equipment-

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Mazda Motor Corporation today announced the commencement of sales of the upgraded Mazda Axela (four-door) and Mazda Axela Sport (hatchback). Both models feature enhanced equipment and additional model grades, and go on sale today at Mazda, Mazda Anfini, and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

This upgrade of the Axela and Axela Sport models (known as Mazda3 in overseas markets) resulted in an expanded array of standard equipment, including an 'autolight system' (headlights switch on automatically), windshield wipers with a rain sensor feature, along with a CD player with six speakers as enhanced audio equipment. New, stylish body colors--Copper Red Mica and Caron Gray Mica--are also available for some of the grades.

In addition, the equipment upgrade also features advanced items added as standard equipment. For example, the Axela Sport model, with either a 2.0-liter or 2.3-liter engine, has brown leather seats, a BOSE® audio system with seven speakers, and also boasts gloss-painted aluminum wheels, all of which are available on the 20H and 23H grades. Another new grade 15C features a black interior to meet customer needs.

Mazda Axela Sport 23H (equipped with factory installed options)
Mazda Axela Sport 23H (equipped with factory installed options)


Overview of feature upgrades for existing grades
Standard equipment
- An AM/FM radio and CD kit with four or six speakers [15F grade has four speakers; 20C, 20S and 23S are equipped with a six speaker set]. Please note that the former Axela 20C and 20S grades have a CD kit as standard equipment.
- An autolight system that switches headlights on automatically, and windshield wiper set with an automatic rain sensor, which are standard for all grades except 15F. Please note that the former 23S grade comes with these features as standard equipment.
- Driver and front passenger seat vanity mirrors. All grades have this feature excerpt the 15F, where only the passenger seat has a vanity mirror.
- Blackout meters (for the 20S grade) that allow the dashboard panel meters to be visible only when the engine is engaged.
- A stainless steel front scuff plate on the 20S and the 23S grades (except the Axela Sport 20S).


Body Colors
The new colors Copper Red Mica and Carbon Gray Mica have been added and are available on the 20C, 20S and 23S grades.


Changes to lamps/reflectors
With the goal of promoting mutual recognition of international automotive standards, the following changes have been made in order to correspond to the new lamp/reflector regulations:
- Addition of headlight levelizer for all models, projector headlamps with a manual levelizer function, and discharge headlamps with an auto levelizer.
- The rear bumper side reflectors have been changed from the former model's red, to orange, for the 20S and 23S grades.

Factory installed options
In line with the equipment review, the C-package for the 20C grade includes the following:
Axela: Stainless steel front scuff plate, blackout meters, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob and 205/55R 16-inch tires and aluminum wheels.
Axela Sport: Rear roof spoiler, blackout meters, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob and 205/55R 16-inch tires and aluminum wheels.

Features of new grades
20H and 23H
20H: Axela Sport hatchback has a 2.0-liter DOHC engine, and the four-speed Activematic automatic transmission.
23H: Axela Sport hatchback has a 2.3-liter DOHC engine and the four-speed Activematic automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission.

[Feature equipment]
- Piano black, three-spoke steering wheel
- Blackout meters
- Driver and passenger seat vanity mirrors
- Stainless steel front scuff plate (for the 23H grade)
- Brown leather seats and the same color door trims
- AM/FM radio and CD kit
- BOSE® sound system and seven speaker set
Developed and tuned exclusively for the Axela models. The system includes a five-channel high power digital amplifier and a box-shaped subwoofer.
Exterior and more
Gloss-painted aluminum wheels (16-inch wheels for 20H, and 17-inch wheels for 23H)
- Door handles painted silver
- Autolight system and rain sensor-equipped wipers


[Body colors]

Two colors, Carbon Gray Mica and Black Mica are available for these models.


[Factory-installed options]
- Discharge headlamps and water repelling window glass. (front windshield, front door windows and door mirrors)
- Dark tinted glass for the rear door windows, rear window and rear quarter windows is available on the 20H--this is standard equipped on the 23H.
- DVD navigation system and TV tuner with a print antenna affixed to window glass.


Axela (four door) and Axela Sport (hatchback) are equipped with a 1.4 liter DOHC engine, with either a 4EC automatic or five-speed manual transmission


[Feature equipment]
- Black interior (seats, instrument panel and door trims)
The 20C and 20S grades have the same interior specifications, except the inner door handles and parking brake release button painted in black.
- AM/FM radio and CD kit with four-speaker set
- Front foglamps
- Driver and front passenger seat vanity mirrors


[Factory-installed options]
A new Sport Package is available that features 15-inch aluminum wheels, leather steering wheel and shift knob, and rear disk brakes. It is only available for the Axela Sport model.

Axela Sport 15C
Axela Sport 15C

Please also note the aforementioned changes that were made to comply with new headlight regulations also apply to these new grades. However, the rear bumper side reflector color change only applies to the 20H and 23H grades.


Manufacturer suggested retail prices for Axela and Axela Sport models
Axela Axela
Grade Engine Transmission Retail Price (yen)
With Tax Without Tax
* * 15F 1.5-liter
Five-speed manual 1,506,750
Four-speed Activematic 1,596,000 1,520,000
* * 15C Five-speed manual 1,543,500 1,470,000
Four-speed Activematic 1,632,750 1,555,000
* * 20C 2.0-liter
Four-speed Activematic 1,848,000 1,760,000
* * 20S 1,995,000 1,900,000
  * 20H 2,152,500 2,050,000
* * 23S 2.3-liter
Five-speed manual 2,010,750 1,915,000
Four-speed Activematic 2,100,000 2,000,000
  * 23H Five-speed manual 2,157,750 2,055,000
Four-speed Activematic 2,247,000 2,140,000
- Snowflake White Pearl Mica body color is available for 15F, 20H, 23H grades. If this option is selected, price increases by 31,500 yen (tax included.)
- In addition to the above-noted prices, a separate recycling charge is required.
- The Sport package factory-installed option is 73,500 yen (tax included), and the C-package is 63,000 yen (tax included).