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Mazda Completes New Test Courses at Mine Proving Ground

- Enhanced facility provides more comprehensive vehicle performance and safety testing -

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HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation today held a ceremony to mark the expansion of its Mine Proving Ground in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, in western Japan. In addition to the existing circuit, the proving ground now has a skid pad to test vehicles’ ability to turn sharply at high speed, a ‘free flat course’ to evaluate high-speed slalom performance, and a winding track to assess high-speed vehicle handling.


Distinguished guests from local government authorities, including the Mayor of Mine (pronounced ‘me-nay’) City, Nobuo Kotake, attended the ceremony together with Mazda’s senior executive officer in charge of R&D, Seita Kanai, and other senior Mazda executives. A tape cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the new test courses and a prayer for safety was offered.


Mazda’s Seita Kanai addressed the attendees, saying, “By completing these enhancements to the Mine Proving Ground we are now able to conduct more comprehensive testing to further improve the performance and safety levels of our vehicles. I am confident this will help us to enhance the desirability of Mazda’s cars. As we move forward, Mazda aims to harmonize driving pleasure with environmental and safety features and develop Zoom-Zoom car manufacturing as part of our efforts for a sustainable future. We will continue to offer cars that excite the senses and embody Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom promise that our vehicles ‘look inviting to drive, are fun to drive, and make you want to drive them again’.”


Outline of the Mine Proving Ground
1. Location: 1173-1 Nagao, Nishiatsu-cho, Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
2. Total area: 601,683 m2
3. Major facilities

Course name Outline Used for
Circuit course
(existing track)
Total length: 3.33 km
Track width: 10 to 15 m
- Improving test driving techniques
- Driving schools for other organizations
- Sales promotional activities
Skid pad
Radius: 80 m
Surface: round and flat
Length of runway: 270 m
- Evaluating turning performance
- Testing rollover resistance
- “Fishhook” dynamic maneuvering tests
Free flat course
Total length: 400 m
Width x Length: 40 m x 300 m plus 80 m x 100 m
Surface: flat
Connected to the winding course
- Testing of high-speed slalom performance
- Testing of double lane-change performance
Winding course
Total length: 2.9 km circuit
Radius of corners: 50 to 200 m
Difference in elevation: 45 m
Course width: 8 m
- High-speed handling
- Evaluation of driving feel on normal roads