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Mazda Unveils Freshened MPV in Japan

- Improvements include restyled exterior, more advanced driving dynamics and enhanced interior comfort and quality -

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HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation has announced the launch in Japan of the upgraded Mazda MPV minivan. Known for its excellent drivability and sporty dynamic design, the freshened Mazda MPV is available from today at all Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships nationwide.


Mazda MPV 23T (FWD model with six-speed automatic transmission and MZR 2.3 DISI Turbo engine)
Mazda MPV 23T (FWD model with six-speed automatic transmission and MZR 2.3 DISI Turbo engine)


The concept for Mazda’s latest MPV is “+Aggressive, +Luxury.” The refined styling and superb drivability that have become hallmarks of the third generation MPV since its launch in February 2006 have been further evolved. Other enhancements include interior and exterior changes and improved ride quality and comfort.


Extensive new chrome body parts, together with the remodeled upper and lower grilles and bumper, form a bolder and more distinguished front face. The vehicle’s rear combination lights and 18-inch alloy wheels*1 have been redesigned and five fashionable, high quality body colors, including Metropolitan Grey Mica, Diamond Grey Metallic and Lilac Silver Metallic, are newly available.


The interior design maintains the previous version’s sporty image and features newly designed decorative trim and chrome parts that boost quality levels. The slide range of the optional second row ‘Super Relax Seats’ has been extended and a ‘nanoe ion’ air purification system*2 has been adopted as an industry first to increase comfort levels. The interiors of the 23T L Package and 23S L Package model grades have also been fitted with custom sand-beige leather seat covers, heated front seats and a leather-wrapped wood grain-patterned steering wheel.


Vehicle dynamics have been enhanced by installing Mazda’s five-speed automatic transmission*3 as standard equipment on all front-wheel drive (FWD) models with the MZR 2.3L naturally-aspirated engine. This change also improves fuel economy during acceleration and high-speed cruising. The chassis has also been retuned to enhance stability and ride comfort.


Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the Mazda MPV vary from 2,500,000 to 3,600,000 yen (including consumption tax). The target sales volume is 1,200 units a month. Special needs models based on the freshened MPV are also available from today.


*1  Standard on grades equipped with the MZR 2.3 DISI Turbo engine
*2  ‘Nanoe’ is a trademark of Matsushita Electric Works Ltd. Available as a factory-installed option. Please refer to the factory installed options list below.
*3  The Mazda MPV was previously equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission. All four-wheel drive (4WD) and FWD grades with the direct injection turbocharged engine offer a six-speed automatic transmission.


Main features of the freshened Mazda MPV

By enhancing the MPV’s existing sporty and eye-catching appearance with design motifs taken from Mazda’s new Nagare design language, in addition to the extensive use of chrome parts, the upgraded MPV reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and class. Mazda’s designers also focused on expanding the spaciousness of the passenger cabin, which culminates in an improved sense of comfort and quality.


- The front end’s design was made sportier and more aggressive through the new upper and lower grilles, and bumper. The new chrome garnish on the upper grille also reflects quality and refinement. All grades except 23C were given a bolder look through the addition of chrome garnish on the lower grille, fog light bezels and black headlight bezels.
- With new integrated red lenses, the rear combination lights are another expression of the vehicle’s high quality. The vehicle’s 18-inch alloy wheels have been redesigned with gentle curves that are central to the Nagare design theme.
- Nine high quality and striking body colors are available. The five new colors are Metropolitan Grey Mica, Diamond Grey Metallic, Lilac Silver Metallic, Maroon Red Mica and Sparkling Black Mica.



- Sand-beige suede-like seat covers hint at the freshened MPV’s prestige, while the upright stance of the seatbacks and evident thickness of the seats are all crafted with precision. The light sandy-colored tones extend all the way down to the carpet on all grades (except 23C) and enhance the sense of spaciousness and simple beauty.
- The Mazda MPV’s sporty looks are emphasized through the use of lustrous black embossed material in the seat covers (all grades except 23C).
- The shifter and power window switch panels are newly designed. The sand-beige parts have a chic and sporty wood-grain pattern while the black parts have a solid, carbon-like design (all grades except 23C). The MPV 23C employs quality black metallic parts.
- The center stack features a new wide silver panel with an integrated GPS navigation system that reflects high quality workmanship.
- Chrome is used to express elegance in the driver controls, including the shifter knob, inner door handles and air conditioning dials.



- The optional second row Super Relax Seats provide better comfort. By extending the front/back seat slide range rearward by 80 mm, available legroom is increased. The sideways seat slide function -- which was previously available only for the left hand seat -- is now fitted on both second row seats.
- As an automotive industry first, the MPV comes equipped with ‘nanoe ion’ technology as part of the freshened Mazda MPV’s air purifying and odor removing system (available as a factory-installed option). Bacteria-removing ions are blown from the driver’s seat air vents and permeate every corner of the cabin.
- Special equipment has been newly added on the 23T L Package and 23S L Package model grades which are based on the 23T and 23S grades. Both models have been outfitted with sand-beige leather seats, heated front seats, an eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, a leather-wrapped wood grain-patterned steering wheel, a power rear liftgate for easy closure, a third row electric seat return system and the Utility Package (please see the factory-installed options list for details). The 23S L Package also exclusively features 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels with 215/65R16 98S tires.



- Mazda’s Activematic electronically controlled five-speed automatic transmission is now standard on all front-wheel drive (FWD) models with the 2.3-liter naturally aspirated engine. The wider gear range provides a more powerful takeoff and lively acceleration. The setup also supplies plenty of torque for daily driving and offers improved fuel economy during high speed cruising.
- After a review of chassis parts on all model grades, the suspension stiffness was retuned and bushes were replaced. This produces a more stable and comfortable ride.


Factory-installed options

- A new ‘nanoe ion’ air purification system has been added to the Utility Package, which is available for all grades. The package also includes Super Relax Seats, advanced keyless entry and engine starter system, Autolight system (which switches headlights on automatically according to ambient light conditions), rain-sensing front wipers and water repellent coating (windshield, front door windows and door mirrors).
- Mazda’s Precrash Safety System -- which alerts the driver via a buzzer and automatically applies the brakes whenever its milliwave radar detects an imminent collision -- has been updated. The new system improves braking response and applies the Brake Assist function when a collision is likely, and activates maximum braking force in urgent cases (available on the 23T and 23T L Package grades).


Special needs vehicles

The Lift-up Passenger Seat and Lift-up Second Seat model grades include a new remote control function to operate the lift-up seats.


Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the Mazda MPV *Price of the model in the attached photo
Grade Drive Engine Transmission Price (yen) Green tax
With tax Without tax
23C FWD MZR 2.3L 5EC-AT 2,500,000 2,380,953 Yes
4WD 6EC-AT 2,760,000 2,628,572 Yes
23S FWD MZR 2.3L 5EC-AT 2,700,000 2,571,429 Yes
4WD 6EC-AT 2,960,000 2,819,048 Yes
L Package
FWD MZR 2.3L 5EC-AT 3,100,000 2,952,381 Yes
4WD 6EC-AT 3,360,000 3,200,000 Yes
23T FWD MZR 2.3
DISI Turbo
6EC-AT 2,900,000* 2,761,905 Yes
4WD 3,200,000 3,047,619  
L Package
DISI Turbo
6EC-AT 3,300,000 3,142,858 Yes
4WD 3,600,000 3,428,572  
- A separate recycling fee of 15,560 yen is necessary in addition to the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices listed above (the fee is 16,130 yen for model grades with the SRS airbag system).
- If the special body color Crystal White Pearl Mica is selected, the price increases by 31,500 yen.
- For the Utility Package, the price increases by 126,000 yen (including tax). The Utility Package is standard equipment on the 23S L Package and 23T L Package grades, so no extra fee is required.


Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the MPV Lift-up Passenger Seat and Lift-up Second Seat models

Grade Drive Engine Transmission Price (yen)
23C FWD MZR 2.3L 5EC-AT 2,811,000
4WD 6EC-AT 3,059,000
23S FWD 5EC-AT 3,061,000
4WD 6EC-AT 3,309,000
23T FWD MZR 2.3
DISI Turbo
6EC-AT 3,252,000
4WD 3,538,000
- Special needs vehicles are exempt from Japan’s consumption tax.
- Special needs vehicles are eligible for Japan’s Green Tax exemptions.
- A separate recycling fee of 15,560 yen is necessary in addition to the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices listed above.
- If the special body color Crystal White Pearl Mica is selected, the price increases by 30,000 yen.


Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the MPV Autostep
The following fee is necessary in addition to the base prices listed above (installation is included)

Grade Price (yen)
With tax Without tax
Autostep 194,250 185,000
- The optional side underspoilers cannot be fitted to Autostep models.