Mazda MX-5 broke two Guinness World Records with the help of everyone in the MX-5 family from around the world, and continues to break its own records.

A large gathering of MX-5s from all over Europe set the new
Guinness World record for the largest parade of Mazda cars!

In June 15, 2013, the MAX-5 2013 event was held in the Netherlands.
It was an event to challenge setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest parade of Mazda cars.
Up until then, the record held was 459 cars in Essen, Germany.
This time, 683 MX-5s departed the RDW Test Center in Lelystad,Netherlands and paraded around at 15km route that included reclaimed land to set a new Guinness World Record! The Guinness World Record certificate was handed to Jeffrey H.
Guyton, President and CEO of Mazda Motor Europe GmbH.


Allard Kalff, a Dutch reporter, and Jeffrey H. Guyton headed the parade in a third generation (NC model-based) MX-5 with race car specifications, and was followed by MX-5 of various colors.
We also set up an area where fans could experience Mazda's advanced safety technologies and an area where 250 owners could watch videos whilst sitting in their MX-5s. This attracted 1,450 fans to the event.

25 years of unchanged passion
The MX-5 continues to break its own record of being the best selling two-seater sports car!

Since the first MX-5 was produced in April 1989, we have been able to continue producing MX-5s up until now because of the continued support from fans worldwide. After being recognized by Guinness World Records for being the best selling two-seater sports car (at 531,890 units) in May 2000, Guinness World Records updated the record when total production reached 700,000, 800,000 and 900,000 units, respectively. With the 1,000,000 unit mark right in front of our eyes, we will continue to produce MX-5 with passion unchanged since the first generation.