Download the 100th anniversary logo to celebrate the centennial with us!

The logo can be personalized with your favorite photos.

The 100th Anniversary Logo is no longer available for download.

Thank you to all the customers and fans who downloaded and used the logo to celebrate with us!

Logo Download

100thanniversary logo(letters in black)
JPG format(with white background)
PNG format(with transparent background)
EPS format(for printing)
AI format(vector data)
100thanniversary logo(letters in white)
JPG format(with black background)
PNG format (with transparent background)
EPS format (for printing)
AI format (vector data)

The logo in EPS (for printing) and AI format (vector data) is available for download on the desktop version of this website.

In PNG (with transparent background) images, the logo image is assimilated into the background depending on the viewing environment, making it difficult to see the image. As it is displayed on the screen, save the image according to how to save the image in each viewing environment.