Download the 100th anniversary logo to celebrate the centennial with us!

The logo can be personalized with your favorite photos.

Thank you for celebrating the 100th anniversary with us by using the commemorative logo. The logo download will end at 11:00 A.M., Friday, January 29, 2021 (Japan time). We hope you loved the logo as much as we do!

Please read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms") for the 100th anniversary Logo Design. By downloading the Logo Design, you will be deemed to have accepted the full Terms.


The Terms define regulations that must be adhered when using the 100th Anniversary Logo Design ("Logo Design") created by Mazda Motor Corporation ("Creator") to publicly announce its 100th anniversary.


The following data are available for download.

■ Black text type

(JPG format 136KB / PNG format 93KB / EPS format 1,768KB / AI format 1,586KB)

■ White text type

(JPG format 137KB / PNG format 86KB / EPS format 1,769KB / AI format 1,617KB)

Terms and Conditions of Use:

The following terms and conditions must be fully respected and adhered to when using Logo Design.

Logo Design must be used as is, without any distortions, modifications and/or processing. The following are examples of prohibited use of Logo Design.

[Prohibited use: examples]

Processing Logo Design, e.g. deleting some parts of Logo Design.

Color change.

Modifying the way Logo Design is displayed or presented.

Changing the proportion of Logo Design.

Adding new element(s) to Logo Design.

Use of Logo Design for any of the following purposes is strictly prohibited.

Use of Logo Design in association with any political, propaganda, religious or fundraising activities.
Use of Logo Design against any laws, legal regulations or public policy.
Use of Logo Design for any commercial purposes.
Use of Logo Design to promote specific commercial/public enterprises, organizations or groups.
Use of Logo Design to guarantee the quality of products and services.
Use of Logo Design as a specific product, brand or service name.
Use of Logo Design by crime organizations or syndicates; application to use of Logo Design by enterprises, organizations or groups where representative, executive director, employee or any other member is a member of crime organization or syndicate.
Use of Logo Design that is deemed inappropriate by Creator.

Discontinuation of Use:

In case the use of Logo Design is judged inappropriate, Creator may suspend the use of Logo Design or request a reconsideration on how Logo Design is being used.

Logo Download

100thanniversary logo(letters in black)
JPG format(with white background)
PNG format(with transparent background)
EPS format(for printing)
AI format(vector data)
100thanniversary logo(letters in white)
JPG format(with black background)
PNG format (with transparent background)
EPS format (for printing)
AI format (vector data)

The logo in EPS (for printing) and AI format (vector data) is available for download on the desktop version of this website.

In PNG (with transparent background) images, the logo image is assimilated into the background depending on the viewing environment, making it difficult to see the image. As it is displayed on the screen, save the image according to how to save the image in each viewing environment.