SAVANNA RX-7 (1st)

SAVANNA RX-7 (1st)
SAVANNA RX-7 (1st)

True to its "Designed by Rotary" claim, the first-generation Mazda Savanna RX-7 was a sports car with attractive design and nimble driving performance achieved by high-density packaging enabled by the compact and high-power rotary engine. The car’s greatest innovation at that time was a radical "front midship" layout, where the engine was placed behind the front tire axle.

The Savanna RX-7 was launched at a time when Japan was in love with super cars. This attractive car with retractable headlights must have turned many heads and received envious looks from car enthusiasts.

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Whenever I drive from Hiroshima to Okayama to visit my grandparents, the R360 Coupe had always been my partner on the road.


For a long time, my dream was to buy and drive the Porter Van. Meeting with other fans and owners to celebrate the 50th anniversary is a wonderful memory that I will never forget.


Since I discovered the CX-8, I began to deeply appreciate Mazda’s manufacturing philosophy.

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