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Mazda 787B is a racing car that led Mazda to enjoy the first victory by a Japanese car company at the 59th 24 Heures du Mans (Le Mans) in June 1991. Due to updates on racing regulations, 1991 was the final year for the rotary-powered racing cars to enter Le Mans.

From the early stages of the race, the No.55 Mazda 787B was one of the top-placed cars; with 3 hours remaining, the No. 55 took the first position and sped on to win. Even though the finish time in France was around midnight in Japan on the same day, many motorsports fans stayed up with their eyes glued on television screen. After 17 years from its first Le Mans entry in 1974, Mazda and its rotary engine seized the prestigious title in their 13th attempt.

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Whenever I drive from Hiroshima to Okayama to visit my grandparents, the R360 Coupe had always been my partner on the road.


For a long time, my dream was to buy and drive the Porter Van. Meeting with other fans and owners to celebrate the 50th anniversary is a wonderful memory that I will never forget.


Since I discovered the CX-8, I began to deeply appreciate Mazda’s manufacturing philosophy.

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